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Qventory the inventory clerks that provide property inventory services in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

We provide a fully comprehensive property inventory service to;

Letting Agents
Private Clients/ Landlords
Local Authorities
Estate Management

Qventory is a company strategically based to cover a large area giving our clients a reliable and professional service throughout. We rely on our customer focused reputation and exemplary service to gain repeat business. We provide simple solutions to any property inventory issues you may have.

Qventory reports are provided mainly in .pdf formats, although paper copies can be provided too if specifically requested. Our comprehensive reports include digital photographs free of charge.

Finally, our reports are normally presented to our clients within 48 hours of the visit taking place which gives a swift turn around for any deadlines clients may have.

At Qventory you can simply book online 24/7 or call us to answer questions you may have, offer advice or arrange appointments. We can normally accommodate bookings at short notice, so if you have been let down, give us a call and we will help where we can to provide the right property inventory service to you.

Qventory are very competitive on price therefore if this is the first time you have needed a rental property inventory, or you already use an inventory company and need a competitive quote for a property inventory service, call now and talk to us.


New Build Developments
Commercial/Retail Premises

Qventory the inventory clerks that provide property inventory services in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

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Before an Inventory Report you need to make sure that the property is completely ready and that any cleaning, decorating or other work planned has been done before we attend the property to compile the Inventory.

All furniture and any other items to be included in the Tenancy need to be present and, by Law, must meet the current applicable Fire Safety Regulations.

Before a Check-Out Report, the Tenant must have moved out of the property together with all of their belongings. All cleaning required under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement must have been completed prior to the time we are due to visit the property.

In order to compile a Check-Out Report we will need an original copy of a professionally produced Inventory Report which was signed by the Tenant at the start of their Tenancy.

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Saving Councils Time And Money. Qventory is the perfect partner for Councils looking to manage their private landlord properties.

Council service


The local authorities we work for have Housing Deposit Schemes in place. Properties are sourced from private landlords and they are provided with a bond or guarantee by the council, this acts in the same way as a deposit. The landlord may claim against this bond at the end of the tenancy.

Qventory visit the property at the start of the tenancy, complete a full inventory and send a copy to the council. The council will give the tenant and landlord a copy.

At the end of the tenancy Qventory will return to the property and do a full check out. The check-out will contain recommendations against any differences compared to the condition at the start of the tenancy.


As we are independent of the council and the landlord, we can provide an unbiased service. This will enable landlords to be able to make claims against the bond where appropriate.

In times of a disagreement between the council/tenant and landlord regarding amounts of bond that can be claimed we can work as intermediaries to help the process come to a fair conclusion.


Our services give councils a transparent approach to the bond process. It can enable local authorities staff to concentrate on the other areas of their job, saving time and money. Qventory have the expertise to deal with inventories and check outs meaning that councils can minimise time or money spent training up staff or the time taken out of the office dealing with problems at the end.



For all your residential letting needs

developer service

What is snagging?

“Snagging” is a word used to describe the process of checking for faults or defects in a property and correcting them before the property is handed over to the owner.

Snagging can and should be carried out as an ongoing process throughout every stage of the construction of your property but this is sometimes not viable. It should not be confined to ‘fault finding’ once the property is completed, although this is often the case.

Snagging is probably the most contentious issue in the house building industry. Quality is a personal opinion. No two people will agree on exactly the same assessment for the same ‘defect’. Quality of finish can often be overlooked during the buying process, but once a buyer has moved in, perceived problems can grow out of all proportion to the overall performance of the property.

Snagging should be divided into two categories…

1. Functionality – to check that everything in the new home actually works as it should: (windows open, doors close, fans and cookers are connected, taps do not drip etc.

2. Aesthetic – to check that the quality of the finish is to an acceptable standard. What is an ‘acceptable standard’ is the big question – if it looks right, generally it is right. If you would accept this standard in your own property, then it is normally considered acceptable.

There are guides to what is acceptable; the NHBC have a guide “A consistent approach to finishes” which is used by their inspectors and claims investigators to set down allowable tolerances for guidance in disputes over what is an acceptable quality of finish. It is this ‘perception of quality’ that can create friction between house builder and buyer.

At Qventory our professional snagging list service not only includes a report on snagging issues but can include a follow-up service to check that your developer has put the issues right as per our report for an additional cost.

Qventory are here to inspect a property to a very high standard and ensure that your clients or your property move is problem free and assuring you with the peace of mind that the property is snag free.

We have years of experience in project managing our own builds, renovations and investor projects to a very high standard undertaking the all-important snagging list at the end of the works.

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